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Selecting The Best Badminton Racket – The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your New Racket

What Is The Best Badminton Racket

Selecting the best badminton racket is likely to be just about the most important buying decision a badminton player can make. A lot of players no matter their skill level will probably select the wrong racket to cater for their particular game and current skill level. The market is saturated with many brand names, Yonex, Victor, Ashaway, Carlton, Head, and Wilson to name but a few. The brands recommend you buy the latest racket their sponsored badminton superstars are currently using to great success. However, its very important that you choose the best racket to match your individual technique and standard of play. Many of the champions of today are successful because they have great strength, technique, and physical fitness that has been developed over many years of hard training and dedication. Hopefully, you will aspire to be one of these future champions.

The Best Badminton Racket Guide

One of the most important parts of your selection when
choosing your badminton equipment is to make sure you select the best badminton racket to suit your style of play. Hopefuly our guide will ensure that you pick the right one.

If you visit some of the well known badminton forums you will read comments like, “What gives? I just got the racket that Lin Dan uses to hit those powerful smashes, but now that I have played a couple of games with it my wrist and forearm is hurting me so much just trying to hit those big smashes like he does, what gives?” Well I will tell you what gives. You are not a professional badminton player like Lin Dan. You have probably purchased just about the most expensive badminton racket the Yonex Voltric Z Force and it is far too heavy and rigid for your style of game. When making a racket choice you must try and be as honest as you can about your physical capability and pick a badminton racket which matches that capability along with your skill set. There are so many racket brands and technologies within the market to chose from it can be a bit daunting when attempting to select the right racket. Hopefully by using our guide you will be in a better position to decide on the best choice for you in the future.

3 Steps To Choosing The Best Badminton Racket.

Badminton players can mainly be placed within three categories.

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

The Beginner Player

The best badminton rackets for the beginner player tends to be of lighter weight and have a flexible shaft which will allow the beginner that bit more control. The lightest badminton racket is usually in the range of 84 grams. These type of rackets generally have a low balance point, in effect the racket feels light in the head. There are many good badminton rackets to choose from at a reasonable price. The Ashaway Superlight T5 SQ is a good choice, as is the Carlton Ignite Fusion.

The Intermediate Player

Good badminton rackets for the intermediate player tend to have a firmer shaft and a bit more weight in the racket. The intermediate player might want the best badminton racket for smashing and that bit more power in his or her play. These type of rackets would have a higher balanced point and will feel that bit heavier in the head. This one from Ashaway the Viper XT750 is a good choice and is just about the best badminton racket for intermediate players you can find. This Yonex Arcsaber 6 racket is also one worth having.

The Advanced Player

Racket choices for the advanced badminton player tend to have rigid shafts and high balance points making these type of rackets head heavy. Advanced players tend to lean towards the best badminton racket for smashing and also at the same time the best badminton racket for utilizing power play. Advanced players tend to be county and international level. This Yonex Arcsaber Z Slash racket which is about the most expensive badminton racket you can buy today is a firm favourite with hard hitting attacking players. Power players seem to favour the Victor Thruster TK8000 which is a good choice for the big hitting player who loves to power down his or her smashes. The Victor Thruster is just about the best badminton racket for power that you can buy.

Racket Stringing – Best Strings For Badminton Rackets

Most rackets will be bought pre-strung and will be strung to the manufacturers recommended tension. They will usually be strung in synthetic gut. If your are a player who plays competitively you will probably want to get a restring not long after purchasing your racket as manufacture stringing is not as good or as tight as you will find is carried out by your local restringing professional. Your local stringer will usually string in Ashaway or Yonex strings are these are the two most popular and quality brands. Ashaway supply good quality strings for purchase as do yonex. The Ashaway Rally 21 and Flex 21 micro are good choices, as is the Yonex BG65.

Racket Material – Modern Construction Choices

Years ago rackets were constructed in wood and had to be kept in a press when not in use, this helped to stop the rackets head from warping. These wooden rackets were very heavy when compared against modern day models. Modern rackets are manufactured in a variety of materials which are much lighter and provide the player with a greater flexibility of stroke selection. Here is a list of some of materials you will come across in modern racket manufacture.

  • Titanium
  • Kelvar
  • Carbon
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Fiberglass

The rackets you find in the shops today will be manufactured in a composite made up of a selection from some of the materials stated above.

6 Tips To Help You Decide On The Best Badminton Racket For You.

  • Check out some badminton rackets reviews online to get a feel for how other players felt about their racket purchases
  • Some cheap badminton rackets will be suitable for you, so do not overlook checking them out
  • Some of the best badminton racket brands are Yonex, Carlton, Ashaway, Victor and Babolat
  • UK rackets are usually only made in one grip size. – Use a Karakal super pu grip to enlarge the handle size
  • Isometric head shaped rackets are the most popular choices amongst all standards of players
  • If you locate the racket you really like – buy two if you can afford it, they might not be available next season


The types of rackets mentioned above and their suitability to the level of player is only a general guide as you can have a beginner or intermediate player who is strong and powerful enough to utilize a heavier more rigid racket. You also get top international and county players using lighter more flexible rackets and winning many tournaments with them.

The best thing to do is go into your local racket shop and hold a few of the badminton rackets in your hand, this will let you experience the balance and weight of each particular racket. If possible try and demo a racket at a badminton equipment come and try session. If there are no come and try sessions in your area you could try and borrow one from a friend or club mate and try it out for a game or two during a club night, or a hired court session at your local sportscentre. This will ensure you know whether it feels right for you before you decide to buy. Go online and purchase once you know what racket you want. You can potentially save tens of pounds online compared to buying from your local shop.

Hope you all have a enjoyable season. See you court side.

The Ultimate Badminton Brands – What Is The Best Badminton Racket For You

Is One Badminton Racket Brand Better Than The Other

Choosing the best badminton racket to suit you is not an easy choice. You could ask some experienced players for advice regarding which racket they think is best. You never know, they might also give you some valuable badminton tips and show you some badminton drills which could help your game. However, all players would not agree which racket is suitable for you. Opinions vary greatly among players of different levels. The best advice I can give you if you are of beginner level is do not buy an overly expensive racket initially until you have improved your game. Sometimes it can also be a good idea to invest in a bit of coaching to improve your overall badminton techniques, this will help you get the best out of your racket, whichever one you end up choosing. Read the rest of this entry »